The Pleated Skirt. A Classic, not a Trend.

Hey there, beautiful folks!

It’s Monday afternoon and I haven’t had my caffeine!  This is what happens when you try to go cold turkey!

If you’ve been watching me, you’ll notice that my flair can’t really be pegged; or can it?  Okay, I need my caffeine.  So to get back on subject, some style experts are saying that this is the year for pleated skirts and yes they are trending.  But trust, the pleated skirt is a classic from way back.

For the curvy girl, know that this is one of the most flattering pieces for your body!  Generally A-line in form, they cinch in the waist and fall ever so nicely on the stomach and hips.  I can remember having the prettiest red and black pleated skirt that my mother purchased for me many years ago when I was in high school.  Also, early on when my husband and I were dating, he gifted me with a classic flannel grey one.  It’s still in my closet and in the regular rotation. So, know that when I saw a lovely blush pink pleated skirt in H&M, I had to have it!  And then I peeped a black one?  SOLD!

When I speak as a stylist about having timeless pieces in your closet and mixing them with a trendy piece, the outfit in this post is spot on.  It spotlights last season’s off the shoulder blouse (this is actually a tunic) with a classic.  It’s sassy, ageless and sophisticated.

Again, have fun with style, because it’s totally yours!


Until next time, love and light!


Tunic Dress – H&M (old) // Pleated Skirt – H&M // Obi Belt – New York and Company // Shoes – Ross Dress for Less (old) // Images by – Gervel Sampson Photography

With Style, Step Out of Your Comfort Zone!

Happy Thursday, Stylistas!

Do you ever find yourself apprehensive about making a change in your work life, family life, love life or style life?  As creatures of habit, we tend to be slow to make changes if it makes us even a little uneasy.  And as we age, it seems like it is even harder!

At 52 years old, I still shop at Forever 21. Don’t judge me. #teamyouthfulspiritforever

Some of us are stuck on the name “Forever 21”, but trust, there are a lot of hidden gems in that store.

Stylistas, here are a few tips to help you step out of your style comfort zone:

  • Purchase clothes from a new retailer.
  • Consider another point of view (i.e., hire a stylist).
  • Purchase a colorful article of clothing, that you never would have worn in the past.
  • Don’t let your age limit you.  Just keep in mind that your goal is not to look like a teenager.

I hope you take these tips and apply them to your style life, if needed!

Until next time, love and light!


Rust Duster similar here – Forever 21 // Brown Tee similar here – Targetstyle // Graphic Print Bell Bottoms similar here Forever 21 // Fringly Sandals – Steve Madden // Medallion Necklace similar here – NY and Company // Sunnies similar here – Old // Images byGervel Sampson Photography

Dressing up Your Denim

Blouse – New York and Company // Boyfriend Jeans – Forever 21 // Ombre Pumps – Baldi of London // Necklace – Old // Watch – Jord Watches

Hey there!  I’m glad we are mid-week and I am looking forward to spending my weekend celebrating the birthday of another dear friend and working on my passion!  I had the pleasure of collaborating a few weeks ago with a beautiful soul, Mrs. Gervel Sampson of Gervel Sampson Photography. The story of our meeting was truly a show of God’s intervention.  I’ll tell you about it later! Now, let me tell you about dressing up your denim!

Everybody needs a white shirt in their closet.  But, how about a white shirt that strays away from the boring and is so beautiful it takes your breath away. Plus, it masks some inches around your waist in the process!

The beautiful blouse in this post is really breathtaking and I’ve come to the conclusion, I may need another color.  It’s a bit tricky to get on, but it amazingly compliments the figure with it’s wrap style.  I paired this beauty with distressed boyfriend jeans from Forever 21.  Keep in mind that because the blouse is so “fancy” for lack of a better term, it’s not a bad item to balance the look for perhaps a date night, or for what people on the west coast call, “California Casual”.  I’ve dubbed the ombre pumps, my Wizard of Oz shoes!

Enjoy the rest of your week!  And until next time,

Love and light!



Covered Perfectly’s Peekaboo Blouse


Hello beautiful people!

I’m excited to bring a product review on one of Covered Perfectly’s pieces from their most recent collection!  Can we begin by calling 2017 the year of the sleeve; bell sleeves, butterfly sleeves and now the peekaboo sleeve?!

As I have mentioned during previous reviews of Covered Perfectly products, the fabric of the blouse is 95% micro-modal and feels amazing next to my skin. It is also asymmetrically draped, which works for those days you want to just throw on some leggings or a form fitting jean, pant or skirt and not stress about signs of a tummy bulge. I paired my blouse with a pencil skirt.  And let’s talk about these sleeves!  They are beautifully constructed.

Stylish Paradox readers are entitled to a 20% discount on up to two items.  Just use the discount code SP20 when checking out at Covered Perfectly. The discount will apply on up to two items or take advantage of the buy 2 get the 3rd FREE deal.  Only only one of the discounts will work.

Until next  time,

Love and light!








Chambray Jumpsuit+ Gold Rose + Fringe

Denim Jumpsuit k/lab by Kohl’s // Fringe Sandals – Steven Madden // Gold Choker – Chidoki’s World // Gold Rose Clutch – Old // Other Jewelry – Gifted

Happy Tuesday,  beautiful people!

Did you know that “jumpsuit” was the original term for one piece garments that skydivers and parachute jumpers used in their professions?  The garment is often worn by laborers, pilots, drivers and sportspersons.  And what about babies?  You know, the onesie?  And the infamous orange garment worn by prisoners?

I can appreciate a great romper. What about you?

This chambray, off the shoulder romper is comfortable and can be dressed up with a sandal or dressed down with your favorite oxford or sneaker.

People, don’t sleep on Kohl’s Department store!  I bought this on a whim, trolling through the junior’s department.  Yes, that’s what I said, juniors!  It’s from the k/lab Collection.  Take a chance on style folks, take a chance.

Until next time, love and light.




Come Through, Plaid Suit!

Suit – New York and Company // Shoes – New York and Company // Handbag – Estee Lauder // Sunnies – Old // Images – Nichole Alex Photography

Hey there!  More rain in the Los Angeles forecast, but it won’t stop my grind.  The weekend awaits another fabulous collaboration!  And speaking of collaboration, the images are again by the talented photographer, Nichole Alex.  She surely helped me come through on camera in this stunning plaid suit!


I’m sure we all have certain things that we shy away from wearing; like the skirt that is a tad too short, or an outfit that is a little too flashy for our conservative nature.  Well, if you take notice on most of my posts I don’t wear pants.  And if the clothing I wear is in the pants family, it’ll more than likely be a pair of jeans.  This is mainly because I’ve always been self-conscious of my thighs, hips and stomach. Even when I was 30 pounds lighter.  I’ve always felt that dresses were more complimentary to my body type and I still do.  But, there is always that game changer, and this plaid suit is just that for me.

I was wooed by New York and Company again,  when I saw an online exclusive for this beautiful two piece suit.  I love everything about it.  And everything in it!

Until next time, love and light!


Spring Time: A Floral Explosion


Enchant One Shoulder Maxi Dress – New York and Company // Strappy Lace-Up Sandals – Nordstrom Rack // Purple Clutch Bag – Vintage // Sunnies – Old // Statement Necklace – Laura Gems // Photography – Nichole Alex

Spring has sprung! And your girl is over the moon! Even though rain is in the forecast for Wednesday, it doesn’t matter. It’s time for a wardrobe switch up and a floral explosion!

This period isn’t the only time we should wear floral patterns, but with fresh blooms, cherry blossoms and the like all around us, it’s right in line with the season!

This fabulous one shoulder maxi dress is a head turner!  From the IAMNYANDCO collection; it was love at first sight!  The colors are so vibrant and the fabric flows, with every movement of your body.  I paired this dress with some lace-up sandals and a vintage bag I pulled from my closet archives.  The necklace was a gift from my sister Beverly on my wedding day.  Thanks sis, it’s definitely a keeper!

The dress is currently on sale right now, so you’d be wise to purchase now before it sells out.  And I can assure you, this one will!

Happy Spring, Stylistas!  And until next time,

Love and light!



Black + White = CLASSIC

Peplum Blouse – New York and Company // Pencil Skirt – New York and Company // Pumps – Sam Edelman // Purse – Gifted Vintage // Obi Belt – New York and Company

Stylistas!  Praying you had a stress less and productive week.  I’m laying low this weekend, enjoying time spent with friends and family.  But next weekend, back to that grind, lol!  Now let’s talk about something classic.

Monochromatic, chic, classic…all terms used to describe black and white fashion and style.  Think the classic tuxedo, the crisp white button down shirt, the little black dress, black and white gingham.  Peep Janelle Monae’s style.

Recently, I found this beautiful black and white peplum shirt to wear to a memorial service.  I decided to go non-traditional and nix the all black. This look is classic…and I’m loving it.  I hope you like it, too!

Wishing you positive days ahead, folks.

I love you and until next time…

Peace and blessings!



Los Angeles Style Fashion Week Finale: Runway Shows by Thomas Wylde and Honee


What a week, Stylistas!  I  got the opportunity to witness the final evening of runway shows for the Los Angeles Style Fashion Week on Sunday.  Fashion designers Thomas Wylde and Honee were showcased.

The first show of the evening featured the designs of Thomas Wylde, who is female and British born.  Paula Thomas founded the Thomas Wylde brand in 2006.  Known as a global luxury ready-to-wear and accessories label, Ms. Thomas was recruited by Givenchy to work with Julien Macdonald.  Her brand is best known for its “nuanced designs, innovative fabrications, quality construction and impeccable detailing.”   Her fashions are also worn by celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry and Heidi Klum.  In 2015, her first flagship store opened in Los Angeles, California.  I was taken by her use of leather, zippers and flowing fabrics.  Everything showcased was absolutely breathtaking.

The other runway show highlighted the designs of Honee.  Her show’s concept was definitely cutting edge and something to talk about.  Honee’s background is in industrial design and she developed an interest in fashion because of her stylish mother.  She attended New York’s famous High School of Performing Arts, where she cultivated her love of the arts.   Honee believes that we use fashion as a personal statement to the world, and she chooses models who appear to be “living sculptures”.  Her vision  is apparent in the photos.  See below.

All in all, it was a fantastic evening!  I was also delighted to finally connect face-to-face with two Los Angeles based style bloggers.  Looking forward the next LA Style Fashion Week!

Shout out to God, because he is working in my life in so many ways to make my dreams come true!  Stay tuned for the full story on my new opportunity in a blog post coming your way!

Until next time, peace and blessings!

Love y’all!


Sneakers and Dresses.

Dress – New York and Company // Sneakers – Converse (Chuck Taylors)

Hey there!  Did you spring forward this morning?  I spent most of my morning working with a wonderful photographer, Nichole Alex. As a newbie in front of the camera, she made my experience a wonderful one!  Check her out. Photos from our collaboration are coming soon!

Y’all know I love a pretty dress.  But how about wearing a pretty dress with sneaks?  The beautiful thing about style is that it is individual, and we should own it.  As style architects we shape and mold. Most of us can even point out a time or a person who influenced  a facet of our personal style.

Many years ago, I saw an older woman (I was very young at the time) in a flowing midi skirt with a pair of brightly colored, high top Chuck Taylors.  She was definitely dressed edgy,  with a t-shirt, bolero denim jacket, fashionable tortoise shell eyeglasses and a neat pixie hair cut.  Her image is still etched in my mind. I appreciated the risk she took, because some fashion experts might see this type of pairing as a faux paus. However, I knew from the moment I laid eyes on her, tennis shoes and dresses would be a part of my style arsenal.  I’m 50 plus and counting, and it’s still with me.

Stylistas, do you have a outfit combo you’re afraid to rock?  Need some help putting it together?  Give me a call, and I’ll be happy to assist.  For more details, please click the “styling services” tab.

Until next time, love and light!





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