Red Matte on my Lips

Photo rights: Fenty Beauty

Lovelies, I’ve been a fan of red lips since the age of 17, when I really wasn’t into other things related to make-up.  I remember, my childhood buddy Jackie telling me about a beauty supply store and this shocking orange-red hue, called (don’t cringe.) “Harlot”.  We both were blessed with deep, melanated complexions and when I saw the lipstick on her, I knew it would be equally as good on me.  There began my love affair with red lippies.  And red matte lips weren’t far behind.  Brightly colored lips just pop on deeper complexions!  I’m just saying!

And when the matte craze hit, I was SOLD.  What I don’t like, is shiny lips in competition with my very oily skin.  So, the only time you’ll see a shine on my lips is when I’m wearing lip balm.

Here are my most recent favorites matte reds:

Fenty Beauty’s STUNNA

Younique’s Splash Liquid Lip in SIZZLING

Kat Von D’s Outlaw Liquid Lipstick

And, my all-time favorite.  Drum roll please!

MAC’s Ruby Woo

One last note, matte can be very drying to the lips.  You may want to use a sugar scrub on your lips at night when removing your make-up, or in the morning before applying your beat.  This will help you to remove the dry skin and afterward, you can apply a light balm for moisturizing.

And I going to leave it right here for you to ponder.

Until next time beautiful ones, love and light!


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